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Sometimes I get asked about us. So here is some information about my family & my 2 companies. I started this company at 19. I am currently 30 years old, working full time mom and raising my 3 kids in Strathroy, ON. Jordyn, Robyn & Karter.

Cozy Toesies started in 2014, when Jordyn was just 8 months old. I made her first pair of slippers with my Grandma in St. Andrews, NB. After that my sister wanted some for her kids. When I returned home after our summer holidays, friends & strangers had been also asking where & who made them. So then I decided on mat leave to turn this into a business - for my end goal to stay home and raise Jordyn full time after my mat leave was up. I sat and brain stormed fun, catchy, remember-able names with my mom & my mom actually has full credit of coming up with the name Cozy Toesies. She has been the reason I have gone as far as I have with this Company. I grew up with a SAHM (Stay at home mom). She ran a daycare, raised 7 kids as well produced & ran a natural homemade company. She is definitely my rock & inspiration.
Since 2014 Cozy Toesies has grown into a great company. Slowly expanding into Bibs, Blankets, Boo Boo Bags, Booties, T-Shirts & now a Natural Homemade Product Line.

In 2018 Cushy Tooshie Butt Balm - Launched as a new company.
It was originally Yemaya Natural Products & has now re-launched/branded. Yemaya has been around for 25+ years. My mom actually still makes the products - Eventually the goal is to teach me to make them as I will be taking over. So together me & my mom created fun, new, exciting, catchy names. I came up with a logo design that I wanted.
The Sun - Represents Jordyn - Bright & Always watching over everyone. The Tree - Represents Robyn - My wild child - Always keeping me on my toes. The Tent - Represents Karter - The Calm Easy Going One - Also the Glue that holds us together as a family. I figured since its a family based company might as well keep the family theme going with the logo & promoting factors.
Digital Ink Graphics & Printing in Petrolia, ON - helped me make it come to life - She did an amazing job! The next step is professional promotional photos - I teamed up with Angela, from Angela Sundby - Photographer in Sarnia, ON to help with professional photos. She has exceeded my expectations on the amazing work she has done so far. I am excited to keep working with her this year on other product photo shoots!
The next step is selling Wholesale to Distributors & Stores so that is what I am currently working on. As well still doing the Markets & Odd Events we have done over the past years.

I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for all my amazing customers, family & friends that helped me support my companies over the past 10+ years. I have now launched and I'm looking for New Distributors & Stores - with the goal to help SAHMs bring in extra income while staying home with their kid(s).

I'm excited to see what else 2024 has in store for us!

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